Transportation is an integral part of Market View India strike planning and strike management services and is essential to the successful implementation of your business continuity plan for continued operations during a strike. The logistics of transporting management and non-unionized personnel, replacement workers, materials and finished product across a picket line requires planning and preparation well in advance of your contract expiry date.

Market View India clients benefit from our ability to provide a comprehensive menu of transportation alternatives. We are able to supply means and modes of transport suitable for most every locale from urban to remote. Warehousing and cross-docking services are also available to complement your transportation strategy and meet the needs dictated by your particular labour disruption scenario.


In addition to arranging rail or water transport, Market View India provides the following transportation services.

Trucks / Tractors
2, 4, or 6 person Helicopters
Heavy Equipment including cranes, lift trucks, and hydraulic gantries
Light passenger planes and jets