In a strike situation, Private Investigators will be called upon to supply video evidence for both the injunction process and any criminal activity that may occur during a labour dispute. Security will be utilized to de-escalate personal conflicts, picket line disturbances, and violent confrontations with employees or supplemental/replacement workers.

Protection is best achieved by taking a neutral position during labor disputes. Actions taken during a strike can result in a civil suit for damages. With proper documentation of actions resulting in damages or injury, a union can be held liable for the actions of its members.


Developing a competent, highly skilled and reliable complement of strike response personnel begins prior to the initial hire and is a process that Market View India takes quite seriously. Our reputation is contingent on the quality of our employees and our due diligence in this regard is steadfast. Training and education play a significant role in our employee development process but prior to that, we undertake a vigorous pre-employment screening process to ensure a successful hire.

The benefits of utilizing Market View India strike response personnel include:

Reduce the risk of injury by defusing challenging behaviour before it escalates.
Minimize the risk of potential liability by decreasing the likelihood of physical interactions.
Alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with confusion or uncertainty in crisis moments.
Create and maintain a safe, caring, and respectful environment for picketers, management personnel, temporary workers, facility populations, and the general public.
Comply with legislative mandates and regulatory/accreditation guidelines.