Where you see the chaos, we see the potential for calm.

Unexpected change is often a catalyst for calamity. When it comes to businesses, unforeseen internal restructuring, downsizing or mergers, can easily spiral into full-blown labour disputes, bringing an air of negativity to the workplace. Allow Market View India to help you prep and prevent strike panic, protect your bottom line from unproductive periods and manage what may already be unrest in action.

100% Success Rate
in injunction gathering for clients &
98% Success Rate
of clients being granted an injunction from Court.

Full-service, non-unionized, and extremely experienced, Market View India consists of a team of talented individuals, always ready to provide your business confidence and composure with strike management solutions.
Working closely with your HR department and legal counsel, we’ll apply our expert ability to document activities accurately so that civil or criminal proceedings can be put to rest in a positive, quick and calm manner.
When it comes to a potential labour disruption, we believe control and management is possible with a good plan and great people to support you in the implementation of it.


From pre-strike preparation to the picket line, Market View India will assist you by:

  • Providing services up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during all seasons.
  • Deploying a small or large workforce anywhere in India in as little as 4 hours notice.
  • Gathering, documenting and retaining all strike logistics, including information that will be relevant and useful, in addition to admissible evidence that will lead to the successful pursuit of injunctions, criminal charges and/or prosecution and/or other administrative action.

Planning Scenarios

Putting the right plan in place takes strategic and consistent implementation. Market View India covers all the bases by offering a multitude of strike management solutions, including corporate crisis management plans and complete labour dispute management.

Plant Closure Planning
Strike Planning
Lockout Planning

Market View India Success By Numbers

7 years direct experience in providing specialized security services .
2,132 advanced business continuity and strike preparedness plans developed.
16 years combined strike experience of our dedicated 9 person Project Management Team.
100% success rate in assisting clients with evidence to garner an injunction
Provider of choice for 17 municipalities due to do rapid response, bus and driver fleet replacement and picket line monitor capabilities.
82% of our clients are repeat clients.