Our insurance fraud investigators have the experience and expertise needed to assist adjusters and litigators to identify and mitigate the losses caused by falsified claims. Our investigators can obtain irrefutable evidence to counter claims fraud.

Methods of defrauding insurance companies are far and wide, as are the means of investigating them. One of the most common forms of insurance fraud is the exaggeration of injuries. Because many injuries can be exceptionally difficult to quantify (for example, psychological injuries or physical injuries such as soft tissue damage), surveillance is often employed in such circumstances to verify the claim.

While determination of fraudulent claims is typically the primary purpose of initiating an investigation, Market View India understands that’s not always the insurance adjuster’s intent. This is especially noted in the case of new claims. Our team realizes adjusters often simply require well-conducted initial inquiries at a reasonable cost in order to determine a claim`s validity.


The result of such preliminary inquiries may determine whether or not a full insurance fraud investigation is necessary for a new claim. Market View India can assist with the following:

Long Term and Short Term Disability Investigation.
Accident Benefits Claims Investigations.
Bodily Injury Claims Investigations.
Claimant Interviews and Locates.
Neighbourhood Inquiries.
Witness Interview and Statements.
Subrogation and Recovery.
Emergency and Disaster Scene Response.