We look into the worst issues and look out for your best interests.

It’s unfortunately not out of the ordinary for the average business to experience suspicious activity in the workplace at some point during their existence. While it may be more common than you thought, it doesn’t mean that it should continue. Minimize loss and reduce risk with Market View India: trained to uncover the facts and equip you with the information you need to mitigate risk.


7 Years of Investigations; 93% Positive Result Rate

While 93% makes it seem like there is room for improvement, the gap is actually something we pride ourselves on. Truth be told, the remaining selection of cases we believe would benefit more by going a route that doesn’t include investigations. This means that we evaluate every case extensively, and give honest, valuable feedback about the worthiness of conducting an investigation. You get the truth from the very beginning. If your situation would benefit from an investigation, we’ll work discreetly to handle your issue as a whole. Our trained investigators will provide you with more than just results. They will also provide a simple strategy to then use those results productively.

Insert Responses to phone calls and emails within minutes versus hours
Insert Daily communications that keep you up to date and free from unexpected surprises
Insert Direct communication with the Investigator upon easy request
Support and strategy to effectively utilize the final results
Complete transparency from our team, every step of the way