How We Started

Established in 2009 Market view was formed to cater to the growing demand in investigation and credit verification segment. We cater to broad range of clients spread across Mumbai and Pune region.

We specialize in investigative services of motor theft vehicles, Address Verification and ITR verification segment and strive hard to provide best in class services and support which empowers our clients to deal with situation efficiently and effectively and to make intelligent decision. Market view delivers a portfolio of services that helps clients transform their processes to embrace speed, accuracy and respond to opportunities effectively.

Why Us

We provide employee assurance

Evidence of our 7 years of experience is everywhere. Our purpose is not the investigative and protective services that we provide. It is the guarding and the balancing of trust you rely on us to afford you.

Without Police, there would be rampant lawlessness and without Marketview India there would be no check & balance against employee misbehavior outside (and very often inside) the workplace.With over 3,400 case files of experience to draw from, the Marketview India will lay claim to its success based solely on the quality of personnel that it attracts and retains to serve its clients.

Services We Provide

Services We Offer In Verification Sector

Financial institutions have been in focus given the boom in retail finance sector, we provide support and services in verification of financial credentials and creditworthiness of individuals and small enterprises thru their income tax returns filed (ITR), We provide Dynamic Customer-Focused solutions that bridges the gap between principals and their prospective / existing customers. Spectrum of services offered by us is in the form of Customer Verification (Address & Credit verification, Welcome calling, End to End business solutions), Employee Background Screening. Our findings are summarized in a clear, comprehensive, easy-to-read, complete with an executive summary. However, we would be pleased to tailor the report format to the client’s exact requirements.

Types Of Verification We Do

Insurance investigation 3rd party and health claim
Address Verification
Education Verification
Marks Card Verification
Previous Employment
Document Verification
Income Tax Return Check/Insurance Certificates.

Areas We Cover In India(There are more...)


Services We Offer In Investigation Sector

It’s unfortunately not out of the ordinary for the average business to experience suspicious activity in the workplace at some point during their existence. While it may be more common than you thought, it doesn’t mean that it should continue. Minimize loss and reduce risk with Corporate Investigation Services: trained to uncover the facts and equip you with the information you need to mitigate risk.The booming auto industry has grown manifold over the years leading to high demand and supply chain but this has also resulted in sharp increase in theft cases of motor vehicles. We do a detailed investigation of the cases, collate and make a detailed summary report on them. Based on the acceptance of the proposal, a Services Level Agreement will have to be signed between us. The template of the same will be forwarded to you after receiving your confirmation.